724 Solutions

Acquired by Mobixell Networks

724 Solutions delivers market leading IP-based solutions for Mobile Internet, Mobile Broadband and IP Messaging built upon an intelligent, scalable, extensible architecture that allows mobile operators and converged service providers to significantly grow revenues. The company's solutions leverage a state-of-the-art decision making capability to tailor the network resources and the services provided, enabling subscribers to experience the All-Ways Connected Lifestyle, 724's vision of seamless access and communication without barriers; a vision of how subscribers will use data services to enhance and enrich their professional and private lives with access to services from any device at all times. 724 Solutions is a global company headquartered in Santa Barbara, California with development centers in Switzerland and India.

Acorn Systems

Profitability and cost management solutions

Acorn provides companies with profitability and cost management solutions to drive better business decisions. Combining proprietary technology with proven methodology, Acorn reveals enterprise-wide profit opportunities.

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Active Network


Active Network is the largest and most comprehensive Internet site for participatory sports, providing athletes and event directors worldwide with a range of web-based resources and services. The company was started by athletes in search of a better way to handle the search and registration process for competing in sporting events.

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Active Power


Smart energy solutions

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Acquired by Google (NASDAQ: GOOG)

Adometry, Inc. redefines marketing analytics by combining and interpreting previously silo-ed sources of big data to generate actions that improve return on advertising spend and increase sales.

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Alchemy Semiconducter

Acquired by AMD (NYSE: AMD)

All Star Directories

Education lead generation

Since 2001, All Star has been an innovator in education lead generation. Since we put students first, schools put us first, recognizing us as an industry pioneer in lead quality and choosing us as a preferred partner for reaching enrollment goals.

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Acquired by Versant (NASDAQ: VSNT)

AlterPoint network governance solutions optimize network spend and better align IT with business imperatives. The world's most respected enterprises rely on AlterPoint to curb hardware over-provisioning, reduce specialized labor, lower the cost of compliance, and improve application availability. AlterPoint's open, comprehensive network CMDB combines operational and business data to automate, analyze and optimize network change, compliance, security and equipment life cycles. Multiple stakeholders benefit from AlterPoint's customizable analytics and dashboards for impact assessment, faster troubleshooting, compliance scorecards and trend analysis. Founded in 2001, AlterPoint is headquartered in Austin, Texas.


Acquired by Davox (NASDAQ: DAVX)

Communication software

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Asset International

Acquired by Genstar Capital

Asset International is a B2B information and technology company in the finance vertical which is transforming smaller traditional companies it has acquired into a high growth global business with a diverse set of new revenue streams: electronic data, tools, online media, research, and events. Formed through a series of seven acquisitions, the formation of the company itself was a bold move in 2009, a year during which the financial information sector was highly out of favor due to the financial crisis.

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Acquired by Entorian

Augmentix builds applied computing servers for the defense, telecom, industrial and medical markets. Their servers are designed for mission critical applications that demand greater environmental ruggedness, reliability, expandability and serviceability.



Bazaarvoice is one of the world's largest shopper networks connecting people, products, brands and retailers at each stage of the buying journey. For more than 2,000 clients globally, Bazaarvoice helps channel authentic, consumer-generated branded content into all the places that influence purchase decisions, giving our clients business insights so they can offer consumers more of what they want. Many of the world's largest retailers rely upon Bazaarvoice to drive more traffic to and conversion on their ecommerce sites, and the Bazaarvoice network helps brands participate directly in the retail channel to influence consumers at the point of purchase. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Bazaarvoice has offices in Amsterdam, London, Munich, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Stockholm and Sydney.

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Beecher Carlson

Acquired by Brown & Brown (NYSE: BRO)


Acquired by Unitrode (NYSE: UTR)


Acquired by Inovis Inc.

BetweenMarkets provides the first comprehensive platform for ensuring B2B Information Quality by monitoring, managing and enforcing the quality of transactional information exchanged between enterprises and their external business process partners. By offering unprecedented visibility and control to its customers, BetweenMarkets makes every multi-enterprise business process dramatically more accurate, responsive and cost-efficient. BetweenMarkets solutions complement traditional B2B technology investments, which focus on the transmission and translation of external data into critical business applications, by validating the business information before it affects downstream processes, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, a company's bottom line. BetweenMarkets is based in Austin, Texas.

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Black Sand Technologies

Acquired by Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM)

Black Sand Technologies, Inc., is a fabless semiconductor company dedicated to building solutions for the wireless industry by combining sensitive analog and powerful digital circuits in silicon.

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Acquired by Kraft (NYSE: KFT)

Soy-based meatless burger

Boundless Network

Acquired by Zazzle

Boundless Network is transforming the $20 billion promotional marketing industry through a highly trained, professional sales organization and proprietary technology that empowers companies to proactively manage their promotional spend. Our patent-pending technology platform connects buyers across organizations to create efficiencies of scale and reduce the cost of branded merchandise by as much as 40 percent.

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BreakingPoint Systems

Acquired by Ixia (NASDAQ: XXIA)

BreakingPoint's comprehensive application, performance and security testing tools ensure the resiliency of content-aware network devices and application servers. BreakingPoint is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices throughout the world. For more information visit breakingpoint.com and download the latest resources for realistic firewall testing, IPS testing, server load balancer testing and more.


Acquired by Motive

Software infrastructure for intelligent broadband networks

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Acquired by IBM (NYSE: IBM)

Development automation solutions for Real-World Application Lifecycle Management

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Acquired by Laidlaw (NYSE: LI)

Ambulance services provider


Logistics connectivity and visibility solutions

Century Payments

Acquired by WorldPay

Century Payments, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in the electronic payment processing industry, dedicated to developing the most progressive, dynamic programs to benefit merchants, partners and agents alike. Through white label alliance programs, Century is the fastest growing electronic payments company having boarded over 50,000 merchants in the last three years and processing close to $12 billion in annual volume. In 2012, Century entered into an elite group recognized on the Inc. 500 list as one of the top 100 fastest growing, privately owned businesses for three consecutive years. The company is headquartered in Frisco, Texas.

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Acquired by eFunds (NASDAQ: EFD)

Electronic payment and risk management software

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Desktop PC blade computing

ClearCube is a recognized leader in centralized computing, thin client computing and desktop virtualization markets. ClearCube seeks to reduce IT management costs by consolidating resources, improve manageability and enhance security while maintaining full PC capabilities for users. The company delivers centralized desktop computing solutions that leverage its Sentral centralized management software to integrate powerful PC blade technology, cutting-edge user access devices and expert professional services to give organizations comprehensive, high-performance centralized computing and virtual desktop solutions. ClearCube has thousands of customers around the world in the financial services, government and education, healthcare and commercial and manufacturing industries. ClearCube has won numerous awards, including InfoWorld's prestigious "Technology of the Year Award" for the best blade system in 2006.


Acquired by Flextronics International (NASDAQ: FLEX)

ColdWatt offers best in class AC-DC and DC-DC power converters that initially target computing, telecommunications, networking and storage applications. Using breakthrough innovations in magnetic components, circuit design, semiconductors, and materials, they offer the most efficient, highest density, and coolest power supplies available.


Complex Media

Vertical ad network

Complex Media is the premier multi-media platform for young males, featuring a network of entertainment, sports and lifestyle properties, and a flagship site, Complex.com, which is the online hub of Complex magazine (launched in 2002). Complex Media sites are carefully selected and curated to maintain editorial integrity and consistency. Complex Media -- which has 65 million monthly unique visitors -- successfully engages the hard-to-reach male demographic around lifestyle content with an authentic voice that is powered by a sophisticated social platform. 

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Acquired by Intel (NASDAQ: INTC)

XML Servers

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