David Borland


David Borland is Co-Founder and serves as VP Hardware Engineering. He has served in roles of VP and Director of Engineering at leading semiconductor companies such as Intel, AMD and Marvell and brings low power SoC architecture, design and high volume manufacturing leadership to Calxeda. Mr. Borland delivered innovative market leading Cellular and Application Processors to high volume mobile applications building a “ground up” business for Intel that was acquired by Marvell. Upon joining Intel in 1999, he led the ADI/Intel Joint Development that delivered a new DSP Core architecture and implementation with industry leading power/performance and effective C programming that is used by Analog Devices, Intel, Marvell and MediaTek. Mr. Borland was with AMD for 14 years, where he was the Product Line Manager of Cordless Telephones. He began his engineering career at AMD as a product and design engineer on single chip modems after earning a BSEE in 1984.