Eric Falcao

Mass Relevance

Eric is Co-Founder and CTO of Mass Relevance. A technologist for over 14 years, Eric loves shipping software that builds value for business. Starting with a passion for computer security and networking, Eric got his first startup job at 16, working on all aspects of building one of the first broadband companies in the Los Angeles area. There, he gained practical experience in sales, support, and network engineering. Eric parlayed his early passion for technology into a BS in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine. As CTO at Mass Relevance, Eric focuses on API, scaling, data modeling, infrastructure and some product engineering when he finds time.

After college, Eric and his wife moved to Austin to pursue a better quality of life in a high-tech hub. While in Austin, Eric has worked at three startups prior to founding TweetRiver (now Mass Relevance). Follow him at @efalcao.

Mass Relevance

Acquired by Spredfast

Based in Austin, Texas, Mass Relevance enables entertainment, media, retail, and manufacturing brands to drive real-time social engagement through social curation and integration.

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