Francis Sullivan


Francis is CTO and Co-Founder Spiceworks. He spent time as the Principal Engineer of Tivoli Systems' renowned Tivoli Management Framework and most recently served as VP of Technology at Motive, where he oversaw the technical direction for the company's software products. Francis spends his waking hours figuring out how to get useful info from any piece of hardware and software.


The vertical network for IT professionals

Spiceworks™ is the vertical network that connects 2.5 million IT professionals with more than 1,800 technology vendors looking to reach them. The company combines free IT inventory, help desk and cloud management software with the world's largest IT community to help IT professionals simplify how they discover, buy and manage technology products and services. Technology marketers rely on Spiceworks' marketing programs and offerings to reach engaged, qualified IT buyers who spend more than $440 billion in new products and services each year. In just seven years, Spiceworks has become the place "where IT goes to work."

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