Frederick “Suizo” Mendler


Having done a bit of everything over the years—from producing over 200 television commercials and refueling jet airplanes, to retail management and technology public relations—Suizo, Co-Founder and COO, has had many opportunities to expand on his passion for service and leadership. After forgoing law school in 2003 to join Rackspace Hosting as an account manager, Suizo was soon recognized for his diverse problem solving skills, his ability to take ownership of the business, and building relationships while helping others along the way. Always an advocate for employees and customers, Suizo eventually was promoted to VP, Fanatical Support over Rackspace’s Managed Hosting business—helping to grow the segment from $40 million to over $400 million, with a team comprised of over 400 in varying roles. Adamant that a company’s culture is as critical to it’s success as the product, Suizo worked hard to maintain Rackspace’s unique employee focused culture during periods of incredibly high growth. His passion in this area lead to him spending his last two years at Rackspace helping to grow the nascent Rackspace Cloud business, as VP of Sales and Marketing. After a nine-year career helping to build the world’s greatest hosting company, Suizo left to co-found TrueAbility™ with great friends and former teammates. Suizo loves spending time with his wife Tina and daughter Isabel.


Technology Skills, Proven

TrueAbility helps technical professionals prove their technical acumen through real life scenarios, delivering objective, easy-to-use skills data to hiring companies. By assessing a job candidate’s technical skills in a live server environment--from anywhere in the world, employers source and hire only the best technical talent.  

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