Jason Wesbecher


Jason is Co-Founder and CEO of MyDocket and has spent the last 17 years leading sales & marketing teams for Jive Software, Siebel, TIBCO and Trilogy. Jason specializes in evangelizing new ideas within nascent markets. A true road warrior, with several million frequent flyer miles to prove it, Jason has served as a trusted business advisor to Fortune 500 executives on matters of customer retention and operating efficiencies. His dream is to replace Anthony Bourdain and resurrect “No Reservations.” Jason is one of the few Wharton graduates who prefer Entrepreneurship to Finance, which probably explains his love for Las Vegas.


Sales and marketing collateral that actually sells

Salespeople email a ton of stuff to customers.  But it's a guessing game as to whether - or even if - the stuff is read.  Sales teams use myDocket to understand customers' interest and intent by learning when they view with their collateral & who is most engaged in their deals. myDocket replaces cumbersome email attachments with beautiful, personalized content galleries for each opportunity and then sends real-time alerts whenever that content is accessed.   

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