Jeff Dachis

Dachis Group

Jeff is an Entrepreneur and is the CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Founder of Dachis Group. Jeff is the Co-Founder, former CEO, and former Chairman of the Board of Directors for Razorfish, one of the  largest digital marketing solutions firm.

Dachis Group is a social marketing optimization software solutions leader. Utilizing a proprietary big data analytics platform and the world’s leading social business solutions group, Dachis Group helps the world’s largest brands optimize their social marketing and Engage@Scale with their customers.

Dachis Group

Acquired by Sprinklr

Dachis Group is the global leader in data-driven social marketing solutions. Built on a proprietary big data analytics platform, Dachis Group's social performance measurement and amplification software applications, collaborative insights and reporting capabilities, and world leading data-driven social marketing solutions group help the world's largest brands engage@scale with their customers.

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