Luke Owen


Luke Owen, Co-Founder and CEO, is an Entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur, Luke started his first business at an early age leveraging the Internet to supplement his allowance. After a successful run working for Gateway Computers selling PCs, in early 2003 he joined Rackspace Hosting, then just a startup Web hosting provider. A year later as part of Rackspace’s leadership team, Luke led a turnaround of an underperforming business unit that not only led to profit, but exceeded revenue expectations by over 200%. As Director of Fanatical Support, Luke was responsible for half of Rackspace’s Managed Hosting business, where he ensured that his teams were not only the best technical staff in the industry, but also leading in customer service. As Luke helped to build Fanatical Support, customers responded and the resulting growth demanded a more strategic location for hiring top talent. Luke led the opening of Rackspace Hosting’s Austin Office, which now boasts over 300 employees, successfully bringing Rackspace’s unique employee-focused culture outside of headquarters—a feat many thought impossible at the time.

Luke spent his final three years at Rackspace as a Director of Operations, providing business analysis, service delivery consistency, and operational excellence. He successfully launched a major Cloud hosting product that ultimately became one of Rackspace’s top selling solutions. Luke is married to Razil, and has two wonderful children, Olivia and Jonas.


Technology Skills, Proven

TrueAbility helps technical professionals prove their technical acumen through real life scenarios, delivering objective, easy-to-use skills data to hiring companies. By assessing a job candidate’s technical skills in a live server environment--from anywhere in the world, employers source and hire only the best technical talent.  

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