Manuel Rosso

Food on the Table

Manuel Rosso is the Founder and CEO of Food on the Table, the most comprehensive and highest-rated mobile meal planning platform.  Food on the Table is the brainchild of his year as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Austin Ventures.

Prior to Food on the Table, Manuel spent the past 20 years in a variety of marketing, strategy and leadership roles that range from introducing Puerto Rican consumers to Tennessee Whisky to practicing Customer Development at IMVU.  After learning the world of package goods and beverage marketing early in his career, he pursued his passion for technology and transitioned to a seven-year stint in consumer product and marketing at Dell Inc.

Following Dell, he joined Will Harvey and Eric Ries at IMVU, a Palo-Alto based social entertainment site, as VP of Marketing and Product.  While at IMVU, Manuel learned firsthand the day-to-day benefits and challenges of leading a Lean Startup and how to scale them in a fast-growing company.

Manuel holds a B.A. in Marketing from St. Joseph’s University and an MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Food on the Table

Acquired by Scripps Networks Interactive (NYSE: SNI)

Food on the Table is revolutionizing the way families shop and cook by using next generation technology to take the stress out of everyday dinnertime. The web and mobile service takes a family's preferences and the sales at local grocery stores to create a customized meal plan and organized grocery list.

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