Marcus Robertson


Marcus Robertson, Co-Founder and CTS, found his groove in technology early on, Marcus’ first job out of university was as a government contractor providing technical services for Air Force personnel. He joined Rackspace Hosting during it’s first year (2000), as a server system administrator for Rackspace’s growing customer base. Marcus soon took over leadership responsibilities for the after hours team he was part of, and ultimately was asked to lead part of Rackspace’s managed hosting small to medium (SMB) business unit. Known broadly for his servant leadership and undivided attention to his team, Marcus amassed many accolades for team engagement.

As Director of Fanatical Support, Marcus was charged with managing a large sub segment of Rackspace’s Enterprise hosting division, working with many of the company’s largest customers. Marcus was key in achieving customer happiness and company objectives by building and leading strong teams—from Customer Support and DBAs to System Engineers and Developers.

Marcus spent the last two years of his career at Rackspace as an integral part of the Rackspace Cloud, guiding Cloud Operations teams. In this capacity, he led the engineering teams responsible for building out and maintaining email and cloud hosting environments. Rackspace’s incredible growth proved to be a constant challenge, and demanded a leader comfortable with constant change and excellent communication skills. Marcus proved nimble and effective in this environment, often bringing a sense of calm to the chaos by taking ownership of issues and creating logical plans to quickly solve flare-ups.

Marcus and his wife Sally have a beautiful new daughter, Baby Maya.


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