Paul Pellman


Paul serves as CEO of Adometry. A seasoned and experienced sales and marketing operations leader, he was introduced to Adometry through Austin Ventures, one of Adometry's investors, where he served as Entrepreneur in Residence.

Prior to joining Adometry in March 2008, he was Executive VP of Marketing for Hoover's, where he was responsible for the leadership of the company's brand development and marketing initiatives, including customer acquisition and retention, research, strategy, product positioning, licensing, traffic-oriented business development and marketing communications. Paul also served as Interim President of Hoover's from November 2006 through June 2007. Before joining Hoover's, he was VP of Consumer Direct for global internet group - Terra Lycos.

Paul has served in a number of executive management roles, including CEO for two early stage start-ups. Paul began his career as a Senior Consultant with a Big Eight accounting firm and holds a B.S. in accounting and finance from the University of Arizona, and an MBA from Harvard University.


Acquired by Google (NASDAQ: GOOG)

Adometry, Inc. redefines marketing analytics by combining and interpreting previously silo-ed sources of big data to generate actions that improve return on advertising spend and increase sales.

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