Reid Calhoon


Reid Calhoon is an entrepreneur from Oklahoma and Co-founder and CEO of the oil and gas information services company, RunTitle.  Before starting the company in 2011, Reid served as a reserves and acquisitions analyst for Arapahoe Resources, a mid-sized oil and gas exploration and production company.  This, in combination with his experience working for the Kauffman Foundation of Entrepreneurship, lends itself perfectly to RunTitle’s position at the intersection of oil and gas and IT. Though RunTitle is new on the oil and gas technology scene, Reid and his crew have positioned their company to provide the information accessibility that has been absent in this century-old land title industry. Reid received a B.S. in Economics from Furman University.


The Largest Database of Mineral Ownership Information in the US

Based in Austin, Texas, RunTitle is a big data startup in the upstream oil & gas industry. RunTitle has built and maintains the largest (and ever-expanding) database of previously-inaccessible mineral title research. By accessing RunTitle data, oil & gas companies vet potential opportunities faster and make smarter acquisition decisions.

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