Mikael Solomon


Mikael, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, is responsible for defining the positioning of Compare Metrics in the online commerce space. This includes execution on a strategic partnership and corporate development plan to maximize the company’s long term value and success. As an entrepreneur with over six years of experience, Mikael got his start as the Founder of Stanford Student Startups, a student operated incubator, where he advised and launched several companies. He brings direct retail experience from his previous work with McMaster-Carr where he managed both Sales Operations, and Marketing teams. In addition, he has extensive experience in the Financial Services industry, formerly at Morgan Stanley.

Mikael earned a BA in Economics from Stanford University and MA in Management from the Wake Forest University Schools of Business.


Inspiring better decisions

Edgecase is the platform behind today’s most inspiring shopping experiences. Using a proprietary combination of machine learning and human content curation, the Edgecase platform allows shoppers to communicate their unique preferences, context and style to discover products and make confident buying decisions.  

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