Rob Reiner

IT Involve

Rob Reiner, Co-Founder and CTO of IT Involve, is responsible for the product innovation, technical direction, and product development activities. Additionally, Rob represents the company in technology-related government, academic, and industry groups. Rob most recently served as CTO and VP of Engineering for NetIQ, where he led product direction and engineering across all product suites including change, security and performance management, as well as IT process automation. Before NetIQ, Rob worked at BMC software, where he was responsible for it's flagship product, “Patrol”, and all common Technology across Engineering. All of these organizations achieved unprecedented growth with his strategic product leadership. Rob holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Houston.t


Social IT Operations Management

ITinvolve provides IT organizations with the analysis and collaboration necessary to understand the impact of changes and move faster in response to business needs. Our breakthrough approach enables IT to easily capture and share their collective knowledge in order to provide unprecedented visibility into IT environments, reduce risk from changes, speed application releases, and resolve issues. ITinvolve lowers the total cost of delivering great service and works with existing IT management solutions. Built on the secure and scalable platform, ITinvolve runs in the cloud and requires no hardware or software installation.

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