Scott Hanson

Ambiq Micro

Scott, CTO and VP of Engineering, is an expert in ultra-low energy and variation-tolerant circuits. He championed the development of Ambiq Micro’s SPOTTM Platform at the University of Michigan along with Ambiq Micro co-founders Dennis Sylvester and David Blaauw. Since Ambiq Micro’s inception, Scott has guided Ambiq Micro’s product development efforts and new technology development efforts. He speaks widely on energy-efficient circuits at trade-shows and conferences and has more than 30 publications and 7 patent filings on related topics. He received his Ph.D., Master’s, and Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Michigan.

Ambiq Micro

Fabless Semiconductors

Ambiq Micro products are redefining the meaning of ultra-low power integrated circuits. The company’s proprietary SPOT™ design platform dramatically reduces energy consumed in standard CMOS chip designs to subthreshold levels – up to orders of magnitude below the power required in today’s traditional semiconductor product designs. Significantly increased battery life frees product designers to expand the features and functions incorporated in their products and exceed battery life requirements. Ambiq Micro’s products inherently change the design and use of energy critical products used in consumer, industrial, automotive and medical applications. Go to for additional information about the company, technology and its products.

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