Steve Braccini

Omni Water

Steve Braccini is COO of Omni Water Solutions, where he is responsible for all facility and product-related operations, including sourcing and procurement, product engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, and repair. Mr. Braccini has 30 years executive leadership experience in corporate operations, business development, and strategic planning.

Mr. Braccini was previously the Founder of Pro Fasteners and Components, Inc. in 1978, where he managed the development of the company from its start-up to sale in 1997. At the time of sale, Pro Fasteners and Components, Inc. was the largest national fastener distributor west of the Mississippi.

Omni Water Solutions

Systems for oilfield water recycling

Omni Water Solutions is a provider of highly automated mobile water systems for water treatment and re-use. Through its patent-pending OctoZone technology, Omni's platforms are able to sense and respond to constantly changing contaminant conditions in the field.

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