Tyron Stading


Tyron Stading founded Innography in 2006 with a vision of redefining the intelligence/analytics landscape. As President and Founder, Tyron believes insights matter, and his mission is to make those insights easier and more integrated into business processes. Prior to Innography, Tyron was an IBM Worldwide Industry Solutions Manager in the telecommunications and utilities sectors, and worked at startups focused on mobile communications and network security. He has published multiple research papers and filed over three dozen patent applications. Tyron has a BS in Computer Science from Stanford University and an MS in Technology Commercialization from The University of Texas at Austin. 


Acquired by CPA Global Ltd.

Innography enables organizations of all types and sizes to achieve optimal return on their IP investments. Innography's proprietary suite of products combines unique correlation and visualization technologies to seamlessly integrate patent data with financial, litigation, market and other key business information.

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