Warren Sumner

Omni Water

Mr. Sumner serves as CEO for Omni Water Solutions, Inc., where he is responsible for Omni’s leadership team, the company’s vision and strategy, and stakeholder relations activity. He brings over 25 years of experience in technology-based ventures and enterprise software and supply chain operations to the Omni team and its customers and partners.

Prior to joining Omni Water Solutions, Mr. Sumner was the COO at TAKE Supply Chain and General Manager of the Enterprise Products Division (formerly ClearOrbit), where he was responsible for all market-facing activities and personnel at the enterprise software provider.  Mr. Sumner also served as VP of Marketing and VP of Professional Services during a nine-year career at ClearOrbit. Mr. Sumner has held senior management positions at Trellis Development Group, SupplySolution, and Garden.com, where he helped develop robust supply chains to reduce costs and improve overall operating profits. Mr. Sumner began his career as a project engineer with Allied-Signal Aerospace Company.

Omni Water Solutions

Systems for oilfield water recycling

Omni Water Solutions is a provider of highly automated mobile water systems for water treatment and re-use. Through its patent-pending OctoZone technology, Omni's platforms are able to sense and respond to constantly changing contaminant conditions in the field.

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