Wayne Wolf

Omni Water

Wayne Wolf is the CTO of Omni Water Solutions, where he is responsible for product innovation and continuous development of Omni treatment systems across all markets. Mr. Wolf manages hardware and software development, regulatory and permitting activity, and applied research.

Mr. Wolf was previously CEO of Ozone Technology, Inc., in Austin, Texas, a leading manufacturer of advanced oxidation systems serving the water treatment industry. He has 22 years of experience in advanced water treatment processes and strategies for small to mid-sized municipalities, commercial waste water treatment plants, and remediation work for the oil and gas industry. Mr. Wolf is an expert in the use of ozone and other oxidation technologies in combination with a wide variety of water treatment systems.

Omni Water Solutions

Systems for oilfield water recycling

Omni Water Solutions is a provider of highly automated mobile water systems for water treatment and re-use. Through its patent-pending OctoZone technology, Omni's platforms are able to sense and respond to constantly changing contaminant conditions in the field.

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